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The Difference Between Compromise and Surrender

Jeffrey Toobin has an excellent piece in the New Yorker (dated next week) about the significance of the Stupak amendment, its significance for health care reform, and the tendency of feminists and pro-choice advocates to cede the moral high ground to their opponents. He explains: …as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg observed not long […]

Another Perspective on Health Care Reform

This Malcolm Gladwell New Yorker article is old, but it’s useful to consider the debate over health care reform with an understanding of the difference between a social insurance and an actuarial insurance model. (My econ professor sent it to us because we’re examining moral hazard in class.)

Linking for Women’s Empowerment

In India, New Seat of Power for Women – Washington Post
Women in India, where sex-selective abortion has made men disproportionately more common in the population, women are leveraging their relative scarcity and making suitors pay for a toilet in their homes, thus preventing disease and improving health in rural and poor communities. The government-supported initiative has been far more successful than other programs, including one run by the World Bank.

Sheryl Sandberg says: Don’t Leave Before You Leave

Teague sent me this piece by Sheryl Sandberg, an unedited version of a piece published in Forbes entitled “Don’t Leave Before You Leave.” It’s a really interesting take on how women approach work and work/life balance in the years when they are thinking about having kids. Her commitment to embracing and cultivating women leaders is […]

leah’s guide to the internet

I’ve been meaning to blog about these items, but I haven’t found the time. Today’s links are about blogging versus journalism, nonprofits and poverty, and women around the world: Why are journalists and not bloggers assumed to be ethical by the FTC? – Media Matters How Mobile Phones Contribute To Female Progress In Developing Nations […]

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