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Strength in Numbers: Eli Pariser Talks Online Organizing

I had the opportunity to be part of a fascinating conversation with Eli Pariser last week, as part of Gina Glantz‘s study group at the Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics. Eli, who currently serves as President of the Board of and is the founder of, came to speak about the politics of engagement […]

The Groundswell of Advocacy

Today was a perfect day to be thinking about the groundswell and advocacy. At about 11 this morning, President Obama’s official Twitter page sent a tweet asking people to call their member of Congress and express their support for health reform. The goal was 100,000 calls to Congress, but they had reached their goal within […]

does the web make every citizen a journalist?

In a world where everyone can self-publish and write stories about their everyday lives and the world around them, is everyone a journalist? PBS’s Video Your Vote project recruited citizens to take video cameras to their polling places and upload the video of their voting experience to YouTube. PBS asked citizens to report on any […]

part I: blogging is for me

Today, kids, we’re reading Say Everything: How Blogging Began, What It’s Becoming, and Why It Matters,” by Scott Rosenberg. Most of the book is about the first two parts of that subtitle, but the really interesting stuff is in that third part, about why blogging matters for us as individuals, organizations, institutions, companies, and societies […]

one nickel at a time

This was a revolutionary idea, and it’s related to Chris Anderson’s core idea in Free, that of attention as a scarce commodity in the internet age. Gross figured out that you can make millions (or billions) of dollars with thousands or millions of transactions that net you a few cents each. The other important piece of Gross’s work with GoTo was a new business model where advertisers only paid when someone clicked through to their site, instead of paying for the basic advertising space, like you do in a newspaper or on TV.

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